….still waiting….

Still waiting on what you ask…on my hosting company. I SO APOLOGIZE for how wacky my blog has been over the last week. It is making me wacky dealing with it. I can now no longer upload photos…what is a blog without photos?! Someday I’ll look back at this ordeal and laugh. No, actually I won’t, but it sounds good to say 🙂 I have an ‘Anthropolgie – Inspired’ DIY project ready to post. So, if things get cleared up today I will post it later today.

Also, it seems like everyone is getting an error message when emailing me. I do seem to be getting the emails despite the error code you get. If it is urgent, leave me a comment in the field below and I will contact you with an alternative email……

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  • Marilene - Good morning. i emailed you last week and just this morning received an error message so i resent from my work email. again received the same message. do you want to email me and i’ll try to reply? I also tried to click on the contact button at the top and nothing happened. thanks so much. hope all is well. Blessings!

  • Shannon Phillips - I never realized truly how much I look forward to your blog posts. I feel like I missed out on my crack this morning. 😉

  • AshleyAnn - I love you Shannon!

  • Kari - I agree with Shannon…I can’t count the times I’ve checked throughout the day to see if you have a new post yet! 🙂