Missing Posts

As you can see we are still messing with my blog…the hosting company has restored posts up to 9.10.09, but now the ones made since then are gone. I am technically on vacation, but have been sneaking away to try to figure this out. If you missed the crawdad post today…no worries I’ll post it again to gross you. I am not going to attempt to repost this week…for one I am on vacation, secondly I don’t have my computer! I will work on reposting it all next week. One condition…if you commented on the crawdad post, you’ll have to do it again so my hubby can read it (and I can read them). I hate that I lost all your comments over the past week, since I’ve been gone I didn’t get to read them all…I really do enjoy reading them. I think the missing posts are: the Lego blog, Tummy time, crawdad, my daughter’s weight gain, and one more that I can think of right now…

Thanks for hanging in there with me on this…I’m off to enjoy a dock on the lake instead of crying over all this. You have no idea…back next week.

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