Saying goodbye…and hello? {part 2}

Remember this post – I was mourning the end of a “hole-y jean era” and baffled by a really girly tutu. Well, I was guessing she was about big enough for the tutu, so before we headed over to my grandpa’s house we tested it out. SPEECHLESS again. I wish I had a picture of my grandpa’s face when we rounded the corner with her dressed in this. It was priceless. My grandma would have loved to see her in it too. I just kept laughing – this is so out of my element!


I think our faces say it all….



Her cheeks grow in awesomeness every day…the jeans are hanging like artwork in Littlest Brother’s room.


After we got the tutu on her we wanted to see the boy’s reactions:

Biggest Brother: smiled and said she looked “very pretty”


Littlest Brother: kept bringing it back to us after we took it off her, he wanted it back on her

Thanks Angie for the gift and Holly for making it 🙂

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