DIY {hanging lantern arrangement}


There were some requests for more info on the lanterns I hung from the ceiling. They are all from the Martha Stewart collections at Walmart (there is a previous post with links). To hang them I constructed a rectangle frame made from dowel rods. I then strung twine across the frame and tied each lantern to the rods or the twine. I attached 2 eye hooks to the ceiling and tied the frame from those hooks. Not too technical…I like to keep things simple 🙂

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  • Christine - you are so creative!!! i am so going to do this! thanks for sharing!

  • Chrissy - So smart! I absolutely LOVE it … I’m going to be copying you. :o) I was in Target today and trying to figure out how to recreate it … I’ll have to go to Wal-Mart to accomplish it. :o) Thanks for sharing!!

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  • Faye - love, love,love this!!!! making it for my 2 year old’s room! found the tissue paper pom-poms and eyelet lanterns but can’t find the other lanterns… where did you get those? thanks so much!

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  • Shiloh - what sizes of lanterns did you use to create this? I’m wanting to put together something similar in my newborns nursery but am not sure of how big/little it should be??? please and thank you, shiloh

  • Jenny S - These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the info. I told my husband we have to do something similar to this in our master bedroom. We’ve had a blank spot over our bed for almost five years. It’s time for something fun as a focal point. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and message of hope. You’re awesome!

  • Alicey - Hi,
    Please don’t take this as a criticism, because it’s not intended that way, but isn’t there a risk that a baby could pull on it while you’re holding them, and since it’s mounted on a frame, it would be dangerous? Because instead of pulling down one pom, the baby would pull down the entire thing?
    I only ask because I really want to do this in my LO’s nursery, and I’m wondering how you got the frame to stay up securely. I am sure you wouldn’t have done anything unsafe 🙂

  • AshleyAnn - Alicey – I can’t even reach it unless I am on a ladder, so there is no way a child could reach it even if standing on the short pallet bed. I wouldn’t put it anywhere within grasp of a child.

  • Alicey - Ah, ok. Please don’t misunderstand: I didn’t mean to imply that you had done anything unsafe. My ceilings aren’t high enough to do the frame, in that case.

  • AshleyAnn - Alicey – oh no, I knew you weren’t implying anything. No worries at all!! It is a good question to ask, no one wants a little one to pull down something on top of them! 🙂