Entering the girl world {the nursery}

First, let me say ‘thank you’ for all the sweet comments on the pallet bed we made. I somewhat finished the nursery so I thought I post pictures of the rest of the room. I’m going to add pictures of her once she arrives.  Obviously, there is not a crib in the room. We’ll move her brother into a twin bed in a couple of months and then move the crib into her room…until then I’ll enjoy rocking her by the window, snuggling on the bed and letting her sleep in a cradle in my room so I don’t have to drag myself upstairs at night.  I really like having things in my home that have a significant value to me…not so much a monetary value. I have a treasure of things from my grandmas & great-grandmas, so it was fun to finally get to use those in a girly room. Onto the pictures:

I convinced Chris to tear up pretty new carpet (if anyone local needs carpet…email me) and install hardwood floors. We used pine, which is a soft wood because I want it to get dinged up with time and I wanted to paint it white. I have always wanted painted white floors…now to convince him to do it to the rest of the upstairs!

Details from the pictures below:

1. For the window tie back I used tatting handmade by my Great-Grandma. It is actually supposed to be sewn on the edges of a pillowcase, but I like it on the curtains (which my mom made).

2. A ‘framed’ Cora Pin…it is a reminder to me of how God used a precious baby girl – and how I pray my daughter will impact her world. The framed picture below it is of my Grandma & Grandpa Rankin. They live a mile away from us and I am so grateful my boys get to see them nearly every week. Nothing beats seeing my grandparents on the floor playing with my boys.

3. A quilt made by my Aunt Sandy, my monkey from childhood

4. The fact that my daughter has 3 big brothers will play a large role in the woman she becomes. I am grateful for this and celebrate it. Originally I was going to find some Alphabet cards for the letters of each of her brothers names…then I decided that was too much. So, I convinced my sister to design a poster that says, “B is for brothers”. I wanted it to have paper cut out people in pink and then 3 (for each of her brothers) in orange. I love how it turned out…my sister has crazy talent.

1. The framed picture from the local newspaper is of my Grandpa & Grandma Corbett in their massive garden. I have so many memories with them that center around their garden and food. The nursery overlooks our garden and the flowers in the vase are from our flower garden. My grandma passed away last year and we spend most Saturday nights with my grandpa. On the birdcage are more flowers made from paper. These were hanging from a wooden platform that Chris and I stood on when we got married outside. The two ceramic figures were painted by my oldest two for their sister…they love seeing them displayed on the dresser (which was mine as a little girl).

2. The hankerchiefs were my great-grandma’s and my grandma’s. The shoes are the first thing we bought when we found out we were having a girl.

3. The top quilt was started by my great-grandma and then finished by my aunt. The bottom quilt was made by my grandma..she makes all the kids quilts.

4. The framed pictures include our Dresses for Africa dresses, my pregnant self (will be replaced with a pic of her), a vintage poster my grandma gave me as a little girl, a fun poster from Etsy seller PaperRelish, and  a mirror given to Chris and I as a wedding gift.

A few ‘before’ & ‘after’ pictures:

Thanks to all my family who handmade precious treasures for her room: my husband, first son, second son, mom, dad, sister, aunt, Grandmas, Grandpa, Great-Grandmas

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  • Lisa - Oh my goodness. I love how it turned out. So many little treasures. What a special room and a special little girl.

  • bopha - Wow, what an amazing room. She will love hearing about all the special things and all the great stories behind them.

  • Rachel - It’s beautiful. It is a perfect combination of your eclectic style weaving in vintage DIY with family treasures, social justice, and of course, those crazy big brothers. It reminds me so much of you. I love how the room is a picture of the wonderful legacy passed down to your little girl. She has no idea what amazing things lie ahead for her……

  • Carrie Sowell - Wow! Wow! Wow! You are one busy girl whose imagination must never turn off! The room is amazing and perfectly you! We also can’t wait to meet this special little girl! Hope you’re doing well!

  • Katie - This room is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Courtney Connelly - The nursery is perfectly done as it reflects your family in every detail! Can’t wait to hold sweet baby girl!!!!

  • sheridan - Love it! You’ve created a beautiful room that holds very dear memories for you…how fun to walk in there each day!

  • patti - it’s just beautiful. now i want to redo my girls’ room! thanks for sharing!!

  • Jess - Megan told me about your blog a month ago or so. I have been reading ever since. I love the nursery. So beautiful and full of meaning and memories. And the Cora pin in the frame is awesome. It made me cry. I love the idea and may have to frame one somewhere in my house too. Thanks for sharing with me. Praying for a healthy little girl!

  • Shannon Phillips - I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE!!!! I didn’t think it was possible but it looks even better than when I saw it in person. She is one blessed little girl and she for sure has the coolest room I have ever seen!

  • crissy - I love this nursery! I think it’s great that it’s not like the cookie-cut nurseries that you normally see. I love the originality and just looking at your pictures…oh! that room just looks so inviting and lovely. Your baby girl is a lucky little thing. amazing.

  • Lauren - What a blessed little baby! Love the room! And, I love you!

  • erin conrad - so i’m not a big fan of nurseries. i can never get into the pastels of pink and blue and storks and noah’s ark. just not my thing. and i don’t have any kids yet but i like thinking about what i would like to do someday…anyway, this is hands down the MOST AMAZING nursery i have ever, ever seen. i am in love with every part of it. it is perfect. job well done! i can only hope someday that mine could be half this beautiful and wonderful.

  • Lisa JM - Oh my goodness! What an inspiring room. You are so fortunate to have so many talented people in your family. How special for your daughter that they have all contributed to her room! Did all the paper lanterns come from Michaels?

  • Lisa JM - sorry – i see that the lanterns came from the Martha Stewart Collection at Wal-Mart! So Fab!

  • tanya - Simply stunning. She will be the happiest little girl in the girliest of rooms. Precious.

  • Sarah - You have to share where that awesome light fixture came from…or at least how you took the seperate items and put them together! 🙂

    This baby has an amazing room!

  • meg duerksen - amazing ashley.
    serioulsy amazing.
    i want to paint my floors too.

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  • Emily Beaty - Loveeeee her room!!! WOW! That pallet bed is amazing; you are so creative. I love your style. 🙂

  • ashlee - a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! thats all i can say!

  • Chrissy - This room is absolutely gorgeous! I love what you have hanging from the ceiling!! What exactly is hanging from the ceiling?? It’s so pretty and girly … my daughter would LOVE something like that. The bed … how smart! And awesome looking. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the things in the room have such special meaning and came from people you love. Just wonderful … congrats on your little girl! Hope you go into labor soon!!! :o) (I was the 4th child … three brothers first … then me … my parents tried for another girl and ended up with another boy. So, one sister, four brothers. They were awful to me growing up but I’m so LUCKY I had them looking out for me during our teen years. Threatening any guy that wanted to date me. I hated it then but now I realize they save me sooo much heartache. So, good luck! Your little girl is a lucky girl!!! :o)))

  • Su Ling - absolutely gorgeous and inspiring

  • melanie - that is an AMAZING nursery you have created! i love the colors, the eclectic mix of vintage and whimsy and I especially LOVE that bed. my husband is under strict order to bring me home some pallets asap 🙂

  • Lori Danelle - I stumbled across your blog via Design Sponge. Love the palette day bed and may have to steal the idea.

    I’m commenting though because I love how you framed your Cora pin. I went to high school & church with Cora’s parents and continue to be shocked at how far their story has reached. I just might have to borrow this idea as well as a reminder for myself.

    Thanks for the peek into a beautiful room.

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  • Gina D. - I absolutely LOVE this room. Thanks for sharing!

  • casey - Ashley,
    I look at your site all the time I’m addicted to it! YOur amazing! I love the decor of this room. Where did you get the cute chair!

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  • Iris - Hi Ashley, lovely room! Could you perhaps post some explanations of that fantastic thing hanging from the ceiling? BTW, did you know you have a reader from Israel?

  • SpiderWomanKnits - Oh golly. So much to love here! I really adore the old frame with the hankies. I am a vintage seller/collector and that is just a sweet way to display a collection! Thanks so much!

  • Terri Conrad - your room re-design is positively fabulous. love your site and your photography. blessings to you and your precious baby

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  • Molly Piper - I’ll hopefully be entering the girl world this August, with TWINS! We have 2 boys, and lost one daughter in 2007. So to say we’re excited is an understatement!

    Just wanted to tell you how lovely I think this room is. I just found out about the twins/girlness on Wed so haven’t made any decisions about the room. But this is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!

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  • Karla (LaPine) Swalve - Ashley,
    I came across your blog after seeing my friend Hannah this weekend and she told me so many good things, I had to see it for myself. I don’t know if you remember us, but we lived near you in Hawaii as Hannah and I were Dorm Managers for the BCM. I think Hannah stumbled across your blog by accident and not even knowing she knew you at first, instantly fell in love with your talent, creativity and family. I now am following your blog as well and am so amazed at how talented you are! I just love everything about your blog-it’s amazing. My husband and I are having a baby in the fall and I really love what you did with your girl’s nursery. I may have to copy a few ideas. 🙂 It’s good to see you guys and see how well you are doing! Your photography is absolutely breathtaking and I think I may now follow the DIY projects! I knew you were talented when we were in Hawaii but I never knew the full extent-amazing! Thanks for sharing so many helpful tips!Good to see you! Karla(LaPine)Swalve

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  • Christy - Love your nursery! What a creative and fun space! Can you please share how you made the hanging arrangement above the fabulous pallet bed? Love this hanging piece and all the colors!

  • Jeannie - love your daughters room! Were or were did you get that great rocking chair. Thanks for your time!

  • Fiona - Hi Ashley! I love this room. Where did you find the round accordion paper lanterns??

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  • amy - You are REALLY making me want to have a girl…this is bad…

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  • Rebekah - this is the most BEAUTIFUL room i think i have ever seen in my life.

    seriously. absolutely gorgeous.

  • Micah Smith - Where did you get the larger paper spheres? I know the white lace are Martha Stewart’s but I am having a tough time finding ones that are larger.

  • Fiona - Love the room and the lanterns….
    How have you attached them to the ceiling…

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    Warmly, Michelle

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  • Roshima - Gorgeous! I wanted to know if you every nursed in that rocker and was it comfortable? I need to fit my baby girl in my room and the glider I have from when I nursed her brother is too big. Was wondering if this chair will be a comfortable option because the size looks just right.

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  • Lyndsey - I love this room. I found the picture just under a google search, but it has given me ideas for at least two rooms I am struggling with. I love the color scheme of this room and am going to do the same in my little girls room. Where did you get your pink and yellow lantern balls, can I ask? Thanks for the inspiration. I am excited to see what comes of it.

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  • seattle mama - i’ve been admiring your stuff for a while now…love the boys room, love your photos, love your DIY and i love this girls room. question: when you pulled up the carpet, was it a big ordeal to then paint? did you reinstall new floors? looks amazing. thanks for the inspiration. i think we are going to make two pallet beds today since i can no longer find the ikea platform bed that you have in your boys room. i have to fit a baby, a boy and a girl into one room. should be fun!

  • Jess - OK, I know this post is from TWO YEARS ago, but please please tell me more about the pink, orange and white balls/lanterns/whatever they are hanging from the ceiling! I love how you clustered and hung them. How did you do it? Did you make them or buy them? If purchased, where? If made, how? Love this simple yet gorgeous room for your little sweetheart!!

  • Mara - Thank you for such amazing inspiration. It took me two years but I finally got around to pulling our daughter’s room together. I had Firecracker’s room in mind all along.

  • Joanna - Amazing! Now to boy-ify it for my son’s nursery!

  • Shawna - Is that an Eames rocking chair? I’m debating about getting a real one or a knock-off.

  • Sue Ann Richmond - Absolutely LOVE your little girl’s room. Just priceless all the treasures!

  • krista - Where did you find the curtains/fabric for the curtains? Also, the lacey lanterns and the confetti strand on the pomstyle pom poms?

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    Just want you to know you inspired me to make this for our future guest bedroom that will be Tiffany Blue, Black and White. Thanks for your awesomeness and creativity! 🙂

  • Nicole - where did you get the rocking chair?! i love it

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  • Dannie - Hi, perfect decoration … 🙂 wondering how did you do those round paper lanterns – is there tutorial or ? Tnx

  • Leia - LOVE IT!!!!! Could you please tell us how you made that beautiful decoration on the ceiling? Thanks, it’s lovely.

  • Kate - The puffy pink and yellow globes are positively gorgeous!! Are they functional light fixtures? And wherever did you find the fuzzy pink balls?

    I ripped out the hideous 1980’s fan above my dining table, which looks out over the lake. I’d love to put something organic and surprising like this. Would welcome any process notes you’d be willing to share. It’s whimsical and lovely. Thank you for sharing your work!


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  • julie - can you please tell me where you found the variety of paper laterns you used. This room is amazing

  • lorenda - I found your blog on Oh So Pretty… I LOVE this room! I’m especially in love with what you’ve done with your paper lantern ceiling collage. Do you have any information/directions on what you did to pull that together? I haven’t seen paper lanterns with the flower petals before. Could you let me know where you found them or how you made them? I would love to put some in in my classroom!

  • Cerissa - To anyone looking for the pom pom balls: I found they are from Martha Stewart. Craft stores and Walmart sell them.

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  • Mandy - Where did you find those beautiful white ruffled sheets under the quilt? My dad actually just made one of these amazing pallet beds for my little one thanks to this site! 🙂

  • Ashley Harris - Ashley! Not sure if you remember me from gymnastics in Tulsa. Ashley Hutsell. I found your blog from Kendra Jones. I have a picture of this room on one of my Pinterest boards for kids rooms. I am obsessed with the bed. What a small world that you did this. Love your work and seeing your beautiful family.

  • AshleyAnn - Ashley – of course I remember you! It is really fun to hear from you and that is so funny you had that pallet bed pinned! Thanks for leaving a comment!!

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  • Amanda - I LOVE your site. You have amazing ideas and capture them beautifully.

    How did you hang your poof balls in such a tight neat cluster without any string showing?

  • Tre Cavil - Oh wow! So much creativity in this room. I definitely have to steal at least one idea for our home.

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  • Mary - did you use a standard size twin mattress.
    love the daybed

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