DIY {stationery set}

A few dear friends hosted a dinner for me in honor of our coming baby girl. They went to great effort to make it super girly, but also very me. Little touches like all my favorite desserts instead of a cake, several making gifts instead of purchasing them, an incredibly girly location and awesome food. I wanted to do something handmade as gifts for them, but it is always hard for me to think of what to make people…so I opted for a very practical stationery set. Everyone can use paper, right?!

Some detail shots of what was included:

Notepads: cute paper glued to the top and back using spray adhesive

Matchbook Notepads: I cut blank white paper into 4×4 squares then stapled it inside more cute scrapbooking paper…folded like a matchbook

Magnet Post-it Note holder: I covered 4×4 pieces of chipboard with scrapbooking paper then covered in Mod Podge. I spray painted paper clips for the top, glued magnets to the backs and added the Post-It Notes.

Flower cards: Just picked petals off a silk hydrangea and glued them to blank cards. Simple enough.

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