DIY {kid’s prayer journal}

I cannot take credit for this idea, it is so great though I had to ask permission to pass it on. My friend Melanie took all the Christmas cards her family received this year and turned them into a book for her kids to look at when praying for those families. I did my own – the nice thing about being a photographer is it is real easy to get pictures of all my friends and their kids…just a little hard drive search. I am not a scrapbooker, so I bought a Martha Stewart scrapbook kit from Walmart and stamped the word “pray” on the front. I then printed 3.5x5in pictures of family & friends. Each page has the name of the person/couple/family/organization, a picture and a small stack of post-it notes. I included such things as Filling the Void, orphans (used stock photo), AIDS victims (stock photo) and so on beyond our family/friends. On the post-it notes we write the current prayer needs…post-its make it possible to keep on adding. I love the visual side of it for our boys…

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