DIY {kid’s prayer journal}

I cannot take credit for this idea, it is so great though I had to ask permission to pass it on. My friend Melanie took all the Christmas cards her family received this year and turned them into a book for her kids to look at when praying for those families. I did my own – the nice thing about being a photographer is it is real easy to get pictures of all my friends and their kids…just a little hard drive search. I am not a scrapbooker, so I bought a Martha Stewart scrapbook kit from Walmart and stamped the word “pray” on the front. I then printed 3.5x5in pictures of family & friends. Each page has the name of the person/couple/family/organization, a picture and a small stack of post-it notes. I included such things as Filling the Void, orphans (used stock photo), AIDS victims (stock photo) and so on beyond our family/friends. On the post-it notes we write the current prayer needs…post-its make it possible to keep on adding. I love the visual side of it for our boys…

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  • Kari - Excellent idea! My little girl loves to pray for people, this is such a neat project for us to make. Thanks for passing along the idea!

  • Carrie - What a great idea!!!! I am so doing this.

  • melanie - I told you that yours would turn out cuter!! Love it!

  • sheridan - That is a great idea! Thank you for passing it along!

  • Lauren Roberts - This is a wonderful idea. I think it’s much easier for kids to understand things they can see.

  • Lesley - That’s really cute. (and thanks for praying for us)

  • Yvonne - what a great idea! thank you for sharing!

  • Katherine Marie - This is MARVELOUS!!! What a brilliant and beautiful and meaningful project.

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  • Angie/Pebblekeeper - Thats a great idea! I just tucked them all away to savor later, I think I will gather up the supplies to give them a proper home!

  • Jessica - I love this. And so would my girls. Such a wonderful idea!! Thanks for stealing and passing it along.

  • peggy lunsford - I thought I was signing up for your newsletter/website.

  • Amy - What a wonderful idea. I put the photo cards in an album marked with the year and where they currently live, but turning it into a prayer book is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Helen + Bill + Mirys from Brazil - Thanks Ashley!

    I think I will do this with my children this hollydays…

    And their father will be the first page. We will not pray for him (because he is already in heaven and dont need any more prayers from us), but we shall pray to THANK God for this person in our life!


    Mirys –

  • Evy M Tofte - I would love to share this on my blog, can I?

  • Bek - LOVE!! Going to have to do something like this.

  • Heatherly - I cannot WAIT to do this! Thank you for sharing!

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  • John - You lost me here with the praying thing, sorry.

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  • Amy - THis is so cool! Could you provide a link to the kit that you used? I am interested in purchasing one.

  • Karen - Hallejuah, wonderful idea. Karen

  • Janis Cox - Hi,
    I co-ordinate a blog called Under the Cover of Prayer. Sometimes I reblog posts. I would not put all your words but a brief summary and a link.
    I love this idea.
    I do have pictures of people I pray for but not my family and Christmas cards are a great idea.


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  • Cari - I’m getting ready to take down the arch of Christmas cards, from the threshhold of the kitchen, that our family and friends have sent over holidays. It is the last bit of Christmas that remains πŸ™ …. my friend suggested your idea of a prayer book for our cards and I loved it! I’ll have to share it when we’re done. Sincerely, Cari

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