Biggest Brother’s Pictures

This post is for Uncle Blake who asked to see some of what Biggest Brother has been taking pictures of. He really wanted his own camera. We looked at the kid cameras, but didn’t think he’d like them. Instead, we gave him my sister’s old point and shoot for Christmas. He loves it…I’m not sure I am a fan of the camera turned on me all the time. I apologize to those who check this blog for more of my work, I do have a couple of sessions coming up in the next few weeks. I hope haven’t lost all my readers by cutting back!

If you know him (and even if you don’t) please leave him a comment…he’ll love it.

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  • Shannon Phillips - Wow, Corbett you are stinkin’ amazing! Great job on sneaking some photos of your mom. My favorite shot is the one with all of your race cars.

  • Courtney Connelly - Great pictures Corbett! My favorite picture is the one of your mommy on the phone, that is so her! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love, Aunt Courtney

  • Kari S. - Corbett, I love checking your mom’s blog for so many neat ideas and I’m so proud I checked today! I’ve never left a comment before, but I just love your photography skills! You took a bunch of neat pictures, but my two favorites are of your little brothers! And, the pics of your cars all lined up is pretty amazing! Keep up the good work little guy, you’re doing a great job. If you lived closer to southern Oklahoma, I would hire you to chase my little 4 year old girl and try taking her pictures! God has blessed you with a wonderful talent- and a great teacher! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bopha - Corbett-You are an awesome photographer. You should tell your mom that you need to be her blog photographer. I especially love the self-portrait. Sincerely- mommy’s friend.

  • Charissa - Love the cars all lined up in a row. You should print that off and put it up in your room!

  • Emily - I love the cars lined up, too! Great job, Corbett!

  • Sarah (CJ's Mom) - Good Job Corbett!! Such a sweet picture you took of your brother Everett! I can’t wait to see more- You take great pictures!!

  • Yvonne - Wow Corbett….I’m super jealous! Those are some awesome pictures, especially of the ones of your brothers!! You have certainly been blessed with a special gift and I think you are going to be a great photographer like your Mama one day!!! Good job–keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what else you come up with!!

  • amanda torres - You haven’t lost me! I love this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing the session with my nephew Lincoln soon!

    Corbett, you’ve really done a great job. I think you are an awesome photographer. The pics of the “Cars” is just awesome…Kachow!

  • lauren - Great Job Corbett! I love the one of Ashley on the phone. Such a diva!

  • Carol - Super, duper job Corbett!!!! I love every one of the pictures you took. You will have to take some pics when you and Pappy shoot off your rockets!!! Keep pointing and clicking! Love you Nana

  • Lesley - I’m such a proud auntie! Way to go Corb, your shots are pretty amazing. They’re all so good, it’s hard for me to pick a fave. Great detail on the lower right Cars pic, you can see the paint chipped off! I think you took better pics with this camera than I ever did! (although, I do think I got the better trade in the camera switch!)

  • Blake - Corbett, Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are all very professional. I believe you have already surpassed me as a photographer. I especially like the self-portrait and catching the “Hudson smile.” I look forward to seeing more of your work and maybe seeing if I can get you to take some pictures of Elliot sometime, unless you are already booked for the year. -Uncle Blake

  • jesse - I think you have your moms eye for a great shot, Corbett! Great job! Would you teach me a thing or two?

  • sheridan - Wow I’m so impressed with your pictures! Way to go Corbett!

  • melanie - Great pictures, Corbett! Since your mom isn’t doing sessions anymore, maybe you could take our pictures next time!

  • grandma campbell - awe you made my morning with these pictures, Corbett you are good and have a mommy to teach you all kinds of tricks, love them all, love you so much and glad to hear you are feeling better.

  • trinity - Good job on the pictures! You are definitely very creative and I like the stories you tell with your pictures. I am proud of you (even though you don’t know me) for using the gifts God has given you! You are learning now what some adults don’t even know! Good job!

  • Ang - I’m so glad your mom posted these pics, Corbett. When I saw that they gave you a camera for Christmas, I was excited to see some of your pictures! You did a great job! I like seeing what you see.

  • Sandy - Corbett, way to go. I love the pictures you took, they are all great. I really liked the ones with the cars. You have them all lined up and took a great shot of them. Can’t wait to see more of your photos. Sandy and DaveMan

  • Uncle charles - Corb,

    I love the Lightning McQueen pictures the best. I also like the funny one of your dad.


    Uncle Charles

  • Jenn - Corb – What an amazing guy you are!!! You draw wonderful pictures, are a great big brother, and now, you are an awesome photographer, too. You are so talented and cool!!! Way to go!!!

  • Stephanie - Would you teach me too?! FANTASTIC job buddy!