DIY {picture & artwork displays}

A couple of posts back Charissa left a comment asking for some ideas on how to display pictures and kid’s artwork. Well the weekend got away from me, but I was able to photograph a couple from my house. I have a few others to share, but I have to finish painting some walls before I get them hung so that will have to wait. I am constantly changing what is on my walls and my kids are constantly coming up with great artwork I want to display. Traditional frames don’t work to good for me…and the constant change. Both of these are pretty simple, don’t cost much and are super easy to change out.

The first is in the boy’s room. I took simple wood clipboards and nailed them to the walls. The boys pick what pictures they want and they can display their artwork or letters from friends. In our old house I covered a hallway wall from top to bottom with clipboards…fun for a hallway.

The second is in Rett’s room. I bought wood pant hangers from Walmart and hung the pictures using those. I mounted my pictures on syrene board, but you can do something similar at home by using spray adhesive and matboard. You don’t need a peg rail to do this, you could nail decorative knobs, nails, hooks, etc. to the wall and hang from those. This could also look really fun in a long hallway. I actually have the onesie Rett wore home from the hospital also hanging by this type of hanger in his room…endless possibilities. Just to answer the questions now…that is me one week before I had Rett and again when he was 1 week old.

And finally here is a collection of more ideas for ways to display artwork or pictures. The examples use both art and pictures, but I think all of them could go either way…

Cork Lamp by Something’s Hiding in Here

DominoMag has an entire online gallery of ideas – love these

Photojojo Re-stickable Wall Decal Photo Frames

Photojojo Magnetic Photo Rope

Photojoj Fotoclips

UrbanOutfitters Picture Window

Camp Creek Blog’s Plexi Glass room divider – this link also links to several other great ideas

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  • Charissa - Thank you Ashley! The funny thing, I was thinking about clipboards, but I had never seen it done before and worried it might look cheesy. Thanks for confirming that I’m not cheesy after all! πŸ™‚

    By the way, love mommy/baby photos. I always wondered who takes photos of YOU. And how did you squeeze into your jeans so quick??!!!

  • AshleyAnn - Chris took both of those photos….I try not to ask him too often because I can be a pain about it. Those are the same pair of jeans…maternity stretch πŸ™‚

  • Jamie - What great ideas! So simple, yet so creative!

  • Shannon Phillips - Thanks for the tips Ash! I actually have the photojojo wall decal frames and I love them! They are very affordable for as many as you get.

  • Mandy - Okay, so a little off subject, but I couldn’t help but notice how neatly your top bunk was made. I’m wondering how you accomplish that?? Would you recommend bunk beds??

  • AshleyAnn - Mandy, I am a fan of the bunkbeds. The boys really enjoy them. The orange blanket is only fixed neatly for pictures or company…usually it is hanging from a side to make a fort for the boys. Our rooms aren’t very big, so it saves space. It does get old climbing into the top bunk every night to pray and cuddle with Corbett….but worth it!

  • meg duerksen - these are such good ideas! love the clip boards. so easy. and guess what i kept that my grandma was trying to throw out? old hangers like yours! i loved them and knew i could use them somewhere somehow. now i know.
    great links too.
    of course. πŸ™‚

  • Lori - love the pants hangers!!

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