SnapShops 2009 {tulsa photography workshop}

Frustrated with your point-and-shoot you made the investment in a dslr and still aren’t getting the shots you hoped for? Are you stuck in the automatic mode? Do the words ‘aperture’, ‘shutter speed’, ‘ISO’ and ‘exposure’ sound like a foreign language to you, but one you would like to learn to speak? SnapShop is just for you. I would love to spend a Saturday to help you go from knowing how to take a picture to understanding the basics of photography to enable you to beautifully capture the moments of your life.

What you will need to attend: a dslr camera…that’s it

A few things we’ll cover:

The basics of photography – what you need to shoot in manual

General Rules of Composition

Lighting: How to get great indoor and outdoor shots

How to capture moments, not poses

2 Live mini-shoots (one inside, one outside)

Q&A times with me

Hands-on practice throughout the day

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

I will offer several workshops depending on demand. Each workshop will be limited to 8-10 participants. It will last all day one Saturday and will take place in the late spring and early summer 2009, exact dates to be announced. Fall workshops are a possibility if there is an interest. So what you really want to know…how much? Each workshop will be $200.00 and will include everything (including meals). How can you sign up? When a SnapShop date is announced on the blog it will be a first to email gets the slot basis. I won’t be announcing any dates until the spring.

I am really excited about this. I am pumped to get to spend several Saturdays a year helping others learn how to get great photographs of their kids (or whatever else!). If you saw my post yesterday, you know I love the day to day pictures of my kids. Those are the ones I treasure…those are the type of pictures I want to help others get everytime, not just by accident. I hope you all are excited too!

***shout-out to my sis for my killer SnapShop logo. Don’t you love how the bird looks like it just floated in and landed πŸ™‚ Check out her blog, she posted a cinammon recipe that is hands-down the best cinammon rolls I have ever had. Hands down. I’m drooling thinking about them.

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  • meg duerksen - i am IN.
    i want you to teach me about manual shooting. i never do it. never have. and i want you you to teach me to be fabulous.
    so where do i sign up?
    i am IN!!!

  • Lesley - Thanks for the shout out sister. Glad you like the logo and I can’t wait for one of your classes!!!

  • Michele V. - Sounds like a great opportunity. I would be interested. P.S. I think you meant 2009 instead of 2008.

  • Amy - I am so excited! I hope I am fast enough to get in one of your classes!

  • Jamie - This sounds sooo awesome!!!! Thank you for your willingness to help us learn πŸ™‚

  • carrie - I’ll be there!!!!

  • bopha27 - I love it, and I will hopefully be at the first one!

  • Courtney Hoffman - I’m one of those people who lurches around your blog but never leaves any comments! I’m totally addicted to your DIY ideas and all your beautiful pics. Are you going to offer any advanced classes or private sessions?

  • sheridan - So excited! I’m glad you are able to make this transition in life. Kids grow up way too fast and I’m glad you are able to take a different route with your business that is a win win for you, your family and us! Can’t wait to sign up!

  • Chelsea - Ashley, how exciting…I wish you the best in this new venture!!! Thanks so much for including me on your list!

  • Jeannette Swan - I hope I get in the first class!!

  • Jesse - I would love to be a part of that!

  • megan nix - Well Ashley, looks like you have quite a line formed already for your workshop! Congrats! I, too would love to come as well. I just bought a Nikon D300, stepped up from my Canon Rebel and have used the Nikon just a little. Would love to come to a workshop that works with a weekend that i’m off from work. Can’t wait to see you again. Still receiving compliments on the wedding pictures. Everyone just loves them. I’d love to be able to give that gift to a bride, as you did for me. Congrats again on the change. Take care and hope to see you soon!

  • Jennifer - Definitely want to come to one!

  • Kristy - Your blog and images have been inspiring me for several months. Photography is a new passion for me and I’m so sad to have just recently realized that you are miles away. Your offering of classes is just exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s like you were talking directly to me in the first paragraph of today’s blog. Good luck to you in this new, exciting endeavor. Thanks for the advice and ideas you’ve offered and thank you for trying to help me snap shots that might look a little more like the ones you snap…not much, but it’s a start. My quest for a local photographer that would be willing to do what you are doing, is on.

  • Rachel - Lesley — great logo! I love how it has a retro feel.

  • Jeannette Swan - Love it. Noble’s first time with Santa looked like this. Where did you take this? We normally get our picture with Santa at Kelly’s work party for kids, but didn’t get to go this year.

  • Angie Brooks - I am just now catching up on all the news. Exciting for you… taking a new direction. Time goes by way too quick… you will never regret the decision for extra time w/ your precious boys. I will totally be coming to one of your workshops… Hopefully your summer workshop will be after July 1st. If not, hopefully you can have one in the fall. Miss you.

  • megan - I definitely want to come and I will wrestle anyone for their spot….so save me one πŸ™‚

  • yvonne - can’t wait!!

  • Leslie Bercher - I just got my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XS) and am enjoying it already! I just know there are so many things to learn! I would LOVE to sign up for your class! I will watch daily to make sure I get in!

  • Dawn Shaw - Hi, I am interested in learning more about your workshops. My daugther wants to make a career in photography. She has placed in scholistic and other shows. She has never had formal training. Could you please let me know when a workshop would be avialble.

    Thank you, Dawn Shaw

  • Shelley Pittillo - I was interested in your snapshops. could you forward info on them please…

  • lauren - i would drive from nebraska for this— i adore your photos… and your blog. i have been inspired with so many of your posts! thank you!

  • Chelsea Lee - I have been looking for a class to teach me the exact things you offer. Could you email me more info? I would love to do this!