Photo tip {Christmas tree pics}

UPDATE: 10.11

Welcome all those coming here from Pinterest. Funny how old posts find new life over there! This post is actually from 2008. You can find more random photo tips on my Photo page. I also teach photography online at SnapShop.


I thought I’d share a little tip on taking pictures of your kids (or whatever else) in front of the Christmas tree. Most that I see have the child right next to the tree and the picture is taken at night using a flash. I am guessing the reason for taking it at night is to see the lights on the tree. On the pictures below you will see the common way to take tree pictures on the left. On the right, I took this during the middle of the day. Our front window was to a bit behind and to the left of my boy. As you can see the lights still come out great and the lighting on him is much more natural.

To do this I recommend:

* Put your child a bit in front of the tree, not right up next to it

* Get natural light on your child’s face. This means you might have to move the tree a bit and put the child between the window and tree with you next to the window – if you don’t have great natural light already

* Use the Av mode (set it to the smallest number) and turn off your flash



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