BA Tigers {class of 98}

Well I had my 10 year high school reunion over the weekend. Those that planned it did a great job. So you don’t have to strain yourself to see my nametag I enlarged it – embarrassing myself for the sake of my blog readers πŸ™‚ I figure after a night of ridicule from friends over my bangs (Rachel, Bopha, Jenn…I did debate posting your senior pictures today, but I am too nice) I might as well post my senior pic.

POST UPDATE: For a laugh read what my sister endured so I could go to my reunion!

Goodness I am so thankful I am not in high school anymore! Someone did ask me, “So what did you become?” My response was “me”. I am married to my best friend and I get to spend my days with 3 boys that think I am the coolest girl ever…and they are a lot cuter than any of the boys I went to high school with! It was great to see old faces, but I sure am grateful I get to come home to these faces….

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  • bopha - bangs rule!!

  • mandy - Personally, I prefered your “Meg Ryan” hair cut…maybe you should post that picture!! You could title it…”10 years of great hair”. I will be watching for that blog.

  • Jenn - You have aged well, my friend. And I agree with Bopha – I love bangs, but sometimes less is more. And, of course, What handsome boys!!

  • Georgia Davis - I’m sure that I could find a picture of you and Treva with beautiful red (or should I say orange) hair. Honestly though, I’m so blessed to know the girl in both pictures.

  • amanda torres - I too sported the bangs! Such a tragedy. Bopha and Jenn, don’t fool yourselves…we looked ridiculous. We can only hope that we can steer young women of America from the heavy, straight across the front bangs! Seriously, it was great to see everyone, but Steven and I are with you, Ashley…life now with a family is WAY better than High School.

  • AshleyAnn - Oh my word, I am laughing at those comments. Leave it to my friends to remind me of terrible hair mistakes. I could do a post on all the horrible ways my hair has looked through the years, but I do have an ounce of pride left. Sorry Mandy. You guys made my day πŸ™‚

  • Rachel - Okay, since my name showed up in the blog post, I feel that I must defend myself. Although, I admit I did take a shot at your “throw back” bangs, you were very quick to scrutinize my frizzy helmet head. So, nice try with the innocent act….and, thank you, thank you for not posting your friends’ yearbook pics! You are too nice.