BA Tigers {class of 98}

Well I had my 10 year high school reunion over the weekend. Those that planned it did a great job. So you don’t have to strain yourself to see my nametag I enlarged it – embarrassing myself for the sake of my blog readers 🙂 I figure after a night of ridicule from friends over my bangs (Rachel, Bopha, Jenn…I did debate posting your senior pictures today, but I am too nice) I might as well post my senior pic.

POST UPDATE: For a laugh read what my sister endured so I could go to my reunion!

Goodness I am so thankful I am not in high school anymore! Someone did ask me, “So what did you become?” My response was “me”. I am married to my best friend and I get to spend my days with 3 boys that think I am the coolest girl ever…and they are a lot cuter than any of the boys I went to high school with! It was great to see old faces, but I sure am grateful I get to come home to these faces….

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