DIY {box town}

So the boys wanted a town for their cars. We had some random boxes (Cheerios, fruit snacks, etc.) that I covered in brown paper. We divided up the “town” and I let the boys draw on the buildings. I made a cute little house and cafe complete with flowers. Once the town was finished I set it up and showed the boys how we could drive the cars through town and stop at the cafe and eat a sandwich (you’d think after 4 years with boys I would not even try to play like that). Biggest listened then said, “that is not how you play this town game.” He then showed me the correct way to play is to pile the dinosaurs and animals on top of the buildings then attack the cars that drive below. So much for my sandwich at the cafe….

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  • bopha - don’t worry, one day you’ll get that sandwich 🙂

  • Lauren - My kids have Box Towns at their Grandma’s and they have so much fun with them. They just have to keep their little sister from destroying them. She’s like the “Big Monster”!

  • liz winsby - You are making the rest of us stay at home moms look like slackers!!!:) You amaze me with your creativity! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.

  • Emily Lusk - What a good idea!! I am going to have to do that with Brody! Funny how girls and boys play so differently!!

  • Jesse Peak - Cute idea! We will have to borrow that one!

  • Yvonne - cute idea. i just emailed my sister who has a little boy with LOTS of cars this CRAFTY idea! thanks. and as always….i love your pictures.

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