DIY {sidewalk chalk paint}

Here is a basic sidewalk chalk paint recipe I found on the Kiddio blog. The colors dry very bright and leave a bit of residue after washing away, but it fades pretty quick after a few days of sunlight.

You need: box of cornstarch, food coloring (liquid), water, some containers

In container add 1/4 cup cornstarch, then 1/4 cup water, about 5-10 drops of food coloring. It is difficult to mix at first, but it will suddenly come together (remember to put cornstarch in container first). My boys really enjoyed this, check out how laid back Hudson was with his painting….don’t exert too much energy there kid!

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  • amanda torres - Hudson may look laid back, but check out those toes…DEATH GRIP! I can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • Sarah Martin - It would have been nice to have had this recipe yesterday-when I was at Wal-mart buying sidewalk paint! LOL I will know next time!! I am adding paper mache pics soon!! LOL We did it!

  • Erica - Ooooh, awesome! Thanks for sharing!