DIY {paper mache}

You would probably laugh if you knew how many times I debate posting things like this. In my head I am saying, “Everyone probably already does this. It is not a new or unique idea….blah, blah, blah.” I know there are tons of super creative people that read this blog and posts like this are boring to you. BUT I also know there are a lot of you that read and haven’t ever really gotten into stuff like this. That is why I post it. I love photography, but I also love providing parents with creative things to do with their kids…and by themselves. With that said, onto the post…

Biggest Brother and I got a little messy with paper mache. I used a simple recipe:

1 part water

1 part elmer’s glue

Objects to cover

Plastic Wrap (to cover object)

Paper torn in small pieces (newspaper works great)

We did this project when Big Brother was asleep as it is pretty messy. I recommend covering your work area. I used a normal size bottle of glue and equal amount of water. A key part of paper mache is that the object you use can easily be slid out once the paper is dry. Prepare your object by covering it in plastic wrap. Dip the paper pieces in the glue mixture and cover your object. The thicker the better, so several layers is good. Gently push out excess glue. He covered a balloon (that can be popped once the glue is dry). I covered a bowl. Once the glue is dry, remove the object. I sprayed my bowl with clear acrylic spray to make it a little stronger. He wanted to make a tent for his army men, so I trimmed the bottom of his and then he painted it a bit. The tent lasted about a week with a 2 & 4 year old constantly playing with it. My bowl will last much longer. Don’t expect it to be super sturdy if kids are playing with it, but enjoy the process of making it. We also covered a canister….which was a tunnel for the army men.

***Melanie asked in a comment a few posts back what supplies I recommend to always have on hand…I am working on that list Melanie for another post.

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