DIY {shopping cards}

One way I help make trips to buy groceries a bit more manageable with kids is by giving Biggest Brother (age 4) and Big Brother (age 2) shopping cards. I made the cards by taking pictures of items we buy on a regular basis. I add the name of each item on the picture by using computer software, but you could do the same by printing the words then attach by using tape or glue. Once I had the cards made I laminated each card at Mardels ($.25 a foot for laminating, it cost me $0.75 to laminate 15 cards). I then punched a hole in the cards then placed them in our shopping box. When we are ready to head to the store I pull out the ones we will be buying that day, place them on 2 rings and give them to the boys. They have fun searching for their items and my trip is easier because they are entertained….it also helps them learn to recognize and read the words of the items.

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  • grandma campbell - do you and Chris lay awake all night coming up with all of your ideas, this is great and need to share this with Steph for Curtis and Owen even though Owen is little young right now but these are great, thanks for sharing again for one of your very cool and educational ideas.

  • Jesse Peak - You are so crafty. I don’t know how you find the time. I can barely keep up with my three.

  • Brenda Hillhouse - That is a great idea. One I could use for my dramatic play area for my kids at school too! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kara May - Your idea is genius! Oh my goodness – what a great idea – and so fun for your kids to get involved in shopping too. Wow, very very smart!

  • Jeannette Swan - You never cease to amaze me – I just making shopping easier by not going at all and look at you – you make it fun for your kids!

  • Svetlana Ozolina - Absolutely great idea! Thank you so much!