DIY {picture frame tray}

I realized a lot of my DIY stuff so far as been kid related, so here is one not for kids! When I am working, I usually sit on the couch and pull up an end table to sit my computer on. The problem with this set up is there is no place for my tea and snacks. So to solve that problem I made a tray from an old picture frame. I have customized store bought trays before by adding pictures with Mod Podge….but I like to change things all the time, so that was a problem. With this tray I can change the inside out with fabric, pictures, notes, you name it! The frame is the kind that is glass on both sides, typically people put certificates in them. Once I picked the frame, I picked what I wanted inside – a vintage kitchen towel that was my grandma’s and one of her recipe cards. She passed away a couple of months ago, so it is a fun reminder of her and the times we spent in the kitchen together. I then bought two drawer handles, drilled holes in the frame, then attached the handles. Since I am using mine as a tray to sit on soft surfaces it didn’t matter if the under side was smooth….keep that in mind in you plan to use yours on a hard surface.

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