It is Friday! I’ve been working on the 2017 Best of My Days notepad. My goal is to have that post with the download on Monday. Thank you to those of you who have been checking in on it – it makes me smile that you are counting on it being available again this year!

Today I want to introduce (and re-introduce) you to several fantastic companies. There is no rhyme, reason or theme to this giveaway post other than they are all unrelated products that I simply like! My hope is in the randomness of this collection of items the winner will receive an item for himself/herself and a few to share with others. Giving is always more fun than receiving!

Without further ado…today the following businesses are offering giveaways to one winner:


Sseko Designs

Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that hires high potential women in Uganda to make sandals to enable them to earn money through dignified employment that will go directly towards their college educations and ensure they will continue pursuing their dreams.

Giveaway Item: Winner’s choice of a Crossbody Bag ~ Soft leather bags handcrafted in Ethiopia and can be styled up or down depending the occasion.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


The Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler is the world’s most luxurious roller, made with yoga towel fabric and memory foam. It’s the long hair solution – the rollers dry and style your hair while you sleep.

Giveaway Item: 1 set of The Sleep Styler ~ there are 8 rollers in a set.

Discount Code: use freeshipping for free domestic shipping

Website | Instagram | Facebook



a handmade knit shop with the purpose of assisting in the fight against human trafficking. 15% of your purchase is donated to an organization that is working in this fight

Giveaway Item: Chunky Fringe Scarf Infinity Neck Warmer Cowl ~ a lightweight neck warmed with an angled fringe for a little personality. This soft mixture of wool and acrylic keeps you feeling cozy.

Discount code: Use AshleyAnn for 15% Dec. 2-19.

Etsy | Instagram | Facebook



Wool designs for kids and kids at heart. From hair accessories to home goods, each of these original designs is a treasure!

Giveaway Item: Mini Santa Hat ~ Festive and fun for all ages! This Santa clip is an original design, topped with a handmade pom-pom, hand-sewn, and made of high quality wool felt.

Discount code: Use ASHLEY20 for 20% off entire order

Website | Instagram | Facebook



Slobproof is a woman-owned small business and home furnishing brand offering designing solutions for the way you really live!

Giveaway Item: A three-pack bundle of Slobproof’s Touch-Up Paint Pen. Fill the Paint Pen with your own paint for quick and easy touch-ups to scuffed walls, trim and any painted surface. Great for crafts and decorating and praised by Real Simple magazine, House Beautiful and more.

Discount code: Currently offering free in-home delivery for all furniture orders using promo code FREEDELIVERY

Website | Facebook | Twitter


So, basically, if you win you can curl your hair, add a festive mini Santa hat, wear a scarf, throw your bag over your shoulder and touch up that spot on the wall with a paint pen 🙂


Giveaway will end Monday, December 5, 2016 5:00pm US Central

To enter: Leave a comment below!

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  • Mary McDaniel - I’ve been eyeballing sseko designs for months! They seem like such a solid organization–I love that you’ve partnered with them!

  • Emily - I’m loving all of your choices! Merry Christmas!

  • Robin Anderson - Awesome giveaway! Thanks for continuing to inspire us!

  • Sara Renick - Wow-how fun!!

  • Mandy - Fun stuff! I love giveaways!

  • Heather - What a fun giveaway!!

  • Caroline Jacobson - What a great giveaway. I’d love to win!!

  • kimberly b - I think the person who wins should post a photo of them doing all of this at once.

  • Jo - I needed those Sleep Styler Curlers in High School when I slept every night with the traditional rollers! These days I use hot rollers but am so intrigued! Great list of beautiful things!

  • Hilary Sherrer - Love love love Danahaylee & all she’s doing to share her love & gift for creating! AND how she’s doing it in such a selfless way of giving to organizations who are fighting to end human trafficking! It’s inspiring & I’m proud to call her a friend! Thanks for including her & so many other great organizations in this giveaway!

  • Megan R - How fun of you to coordinate this!

  • Lindsey Muecke - Fun giveaway… it all looks great, especially the scarf and the curlers! 🙂

  • Yen Trinh - Happy holidays Ashley!! Your posts and your wonderful family brings me so much joy. 🙂 I aspire to push myself and continue to be as creative as you when I have kids. Hope everyone has a wonderful warm holiday season.

  • Ann P - Love your giveaways!

  • Meryl Carver-Allmond - Ohhh, these look like fun treats!

  • Rhonda - Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Candy Foster - Awesome giveaway. Thanks! Love the bag!

  • Kelly Ehelrs - I spent way too much time on the Sleep Styler website and their instagram. Their product looks fabulous! Then there is the Shibori Sseko crossbody bag which is lovely too. I want all these things in my life-thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Kery - Oh these are so cute. I love those bags.

  • Suzan - I love this random collection of fun things!

  • Kelly - I look forward to your Monday’s post! Merry Christmas.

  • Sarah S - So blessed and encouraged by your blog! Thank you!

  • Susan - Ashley,
    What a fun giveaway! I hope the holidays will be blessed in your home!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Susan - What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  • Anna - Woohoo for giveaway days!!

  • Brandi - Wow. I’ve been think8ng about chopping all my hair off, but those rollers look pretty awesome. Happy hairdays, I mean holidays!

  • Jessica - It all looks awesome. Love the curlers!

  • Kayley - What a neat selection of products! I’d be interested in giving the Sleep Styler a try. I’ve yet to find any rollers that are comfortable enough to sleep in.

  • abbey - That all sounds lovely- I really wish I curled my hair more often!

  • kelly - such a fun giveaway 🙂

  • Mary - Every single item on this list is great. How do you always put together such wonderful stuff?

  • Lisa K - This is so fun. The curlers look like something my house NEEDS with four long haired daughters 🙂

  • Trista - Thanks for pulling this giveaway together! Such wonderful companies!

  • Katie T - Practical AND fun!

  • Amy M - You always find the coolest stuff!!

  • Sarah Rogers - Love all of these things!

  • Bonnie - I actually really love all of these! But they would also be great for gifts 🙂

  • Ashley Snyder - Ohh, such fun things!

  • Anne Eicher - Oh wow! What fun gifts!

  • Jill - This is an awesome giveaway. I would love to win and share with some friends! Thank you!

  • Colleen Inman - The scarf is my favorite!!

  • Haylee Harker - All of these products are so fun!! I’d love to win!

  • Joan j - I love it! Randomness is a necessity in life! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Michelle - Giveaways are so much fun!

  • Erin Chenoweth - Oh I love everything in this giveaway!!!! And such awesome companies you’re sharing with us, those curlers…I need them, I’ve never heard of them before, so cool!

  • Shannon D - I love knowing about new companies that I can support. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avenlea Bixby - Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Noreen - Thanks for the opportunity to get to know these companies and perhaps win something! Merry Christmas!

  • Michele R - I’ve never seen the hair curlers before…very cool

  • Amanda - Looks like fun!

  • Leighanna - Yay!

  • Laura - What fun things!

  • Megan CC - Pick me! I love giving and receiving gifts!

  • Veronica Adrover - I love your “random” give-aways!! Fun stuff!

  • SarahAnn C - These are the most fun giveaways I’ve seen yet! Thank you for the opportunity to find out about these companies 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!

  • Fawn McWilliams - Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Jen - Such cute stuff!

  • Candace Mauck - Love all of these!

  • Lydia Tjia - Love my choices!!

  • Katie Merrill - How fun! Thank you for the offer!

  • Sarah M - What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Libby - Fun stuff! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Dani M. - Love your suggestion to keep some and give the others – I’d be keeping those rollers for sure! 🙂

  • Marina Shannon - Great giveAway!

  • Sarah Cremisino - Thank you for hosting a giveaway!! Merry Christmas!

  • Danielle - Thanks for the giveaway! These look fantastic!

  • Erin - What a fun giveaway of great products! Merry Christmas!

  • Hannah - I love that so many of these products are from either small businesses or ones supporting a great cause! Being intentional about how we shop and who we support is such a great way to encourage and love people pursuing passions that may be different than the ones we commit ourselves to.

  • Kelly - Merry Christmas! This is such a fun giveaway! ??

  • Haley - Great giveaway… Love the randomness.
    Thanks for always inspiring

  • Crystal - I would love to win and share!!

  • Jane - Thank you for sharing such a fabulous range of (new to me) shops.
    looking forward to exploring them some more.

  • Diane H - I love the photos of your family doing life. I also like the craft ideas and helps. My daughters like the photo tips. Diane

  • Debbie C - Oohhh those rollers! Yes please! 🙂

  • Min - Wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas!!

  • Cindy - Love it! fun giveaway! and Love your site! Have been a reader since before Firecracker was born!

  • Julia - I would love to win any of these! Awesome stuff!

  • Erin Young - oh my gosh – what a fun giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  • Meredith - Thanks for an awesome giveaway! How fun!!!

  • Courtney S - Love these gift ideas! And I’ve had my eye on that crossbody bag for months. 🙂 Love it so much!!

  • Rebekah VandenAkker - What a fun giveaway! I love that it is a random conglomeration of great items. Randomness keeps everything interesting! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • Rachel Koehn - Love the Sseko company and the purpose of it. Would love any of these. Thank you so much! Fabulous choices!

  • Kathie McAuliffe - What a fun silly mix! Love it! Happy Holidays! I love this time of year! So much fun. Seeing what everyone does to celebrate!

  • Phoebe Koehler - Hooray for a giveaway!

  • Elke - How awesome are those touch-up pens! I need to get one, or rather a few haha 😀

  • Emily Bartnikowski - thank you for posting a link to those sandals! I’ve been trying to remember where I saw them because I want a pair for next summer! And also – thanks for the opportunity to win some cute stuff!

  • Caitlin E - I’ve got the long hair that needs those roller things!
    Thanks for doing this Ashley! Your blog always makes me smile.

  • rose - the giveaway items look amazing! (and thanks for keeping up your blog! i love reading about your family and adventures!)

  • Ana - That is so nice. Thank you for a chance like this.

  • Kelsey McDonald - What a great giveaway! 🙂 I love your blog!

  • Jen - What a great giveaway and some great gift ideas!

  • Kacy Clark - Sleep rollers? Yes please!!!

  • Linda R. - Thank you Ashley! What a fun collection for a giveaway.

  • Jenifer Higgins - Those touch up pens are so cool! I need those in my life!

  • JessN - Haha, I like the randomness! 🙂

  • Jodi Braun - What great products! Love your blog Ashley!


I love these pictures of me and my sister. You can totally tell I’m the big sister – and I really like that. They make me smile. She makes me smile.

Lesley is smart, creative, funny, messy (she’ll love me for that one) and a feeler. For all the ways we are similar, we are opposite. She is by far the cooler of the 2 Corbett girls. If you want a Corbett sister to come to your party – invite Lesley. Her giggle will fill the room. If you invite me, I’ll find one person in a corner to have a deep conversation with and then I’ll leave early. Always invite Lesley. Trust me.


The face app switch…so creepy and so funny.


My sister might blame me for things, but I like to tell her really she should give me credit. I’ve spent a lifetime having good ideas regarding what she should do. When it is really great idea, which let’s be honest they all are, I don’t give up. Little sisters need big sisters to tell them what to do. It is the natural course of life.

I told you guys a few weeks ago about how my sister introduced me to SkillShare. I was halfway in the first video and already thinking, “Lesley NEEDS to teach!” I’m pretty sure I told her that immediately and began the process of getting her on board with my great idea. She might say it was her idea or someone else’s, but it was mine. And I am always right – at least when it comes to what she should or should not do. Am I right, Les? Yes. Yes, I am.

I am so excited to share with you her very first SkillShare class! You guys – she is so cute. You’ll watch the first video and be jealous I get to call her my sister.

skillshareI’m so proud of her. This is her first time to teach and she did such a great job. My mom, kids and I took the class yesterday. We went through it super fast just to see it all before today. The kids are already excited to go back and do it again – slower.

The class is called “Drawing Creative Letters: An Introduction to Lettering for Beginners”

My tips for the class:

  • It is designed for adults, but works for kids too.
  • If your kids are 10+, they are probably good doing it on their own. You might want to be available if they need help brainstorming.
  • If your kids are under 10, I would stick by and walk them through each step.
  • The videos are short, so you replay them easily to make sure you aren’t missing any steps.

I have so many giveaway lined up in December on my blog and Instagram! I don’t do many all year, so it is fun to do a bunch this month.

I’m starting with a giveaway from Skillshare in honor of Lesley launching her first class!


2 winners chosen at random

Prize: 1 year Skillshare membership

To enter: enroll in Lesley’s class and submit a project photo by 12/19/16 (details on how to do this are in her course)

Lesley & I will pick our two favorite projects and both will win

Special Notes:

You can follow my links to get 3 months of Skillshare membership for $0.99. Your project is due by 12/19, so if you don’t love your Skillshare membership you have plenty of time to cancel before your 3 months are up, but I’m guessing you won’t want to cancel!

You can read my first post about Skillshare and the classes my kids like the most, so far.

Big sister request:

If you take her course, please leave her a review. I need her to know I was right – again. Also – I might have forced her into a deal if she gets a certain number of students, she has to start going to Crossfit with me. She is super thrilled I tricked her into that deal. She’ll thank me later.

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  • Nicole - Can you tell me if skillshare is available in Australia? It sounds great.

  • Beth - Oh man! As a “second sister”, I am torn! I was totally all in with supporting Lesley until you mentioned this Maniacal Plan of Manipulation! ? Now I don’t know what to do!

  • AshleyAnn - Beth! That made me laugh – I’ve always had a way of creatively convincing her to do stuff. You and Lesley might call it manipulation, but it is creative convincing! 🙂

  • Mary - I have been eyeballing skillshare for a while and bit the bullet yesterday! I added your sisters class. There are so many lettering classes and a bit overwhelming. This is a skill I wanted to learn so I am super excited to be able to take a class that I know will be great.

  • sarah morgan - I dove down the rabbit hole of skillshare this morning thanks to you! I’m slightly obsessed and will be signing up using your link SOON! wanting to learn basic drawling and watercolor first up and will be adding this class to my list!! Congrats Lesley!

  • Charity G. - What a super fun idea. I can’t wait to check it out! I’m all about creative convincing, both with my boys and my best friend. It’s made for lots of fun adventures.

  • Krystle - This was my favorite, “Little sisters need big sisters to tell them what to do.” Duh!! 🙂 God knew what he was doing when he made big sisters! 🙂

  • Kim Bernhardt - How exciting! I cant wait to take the class. I agree big sisters always know whats best for their little sisters.

  • michelle - I have been waiting nearly two years for your sister to do a class on her letter writing. So exciting! I signed up yesterday. I am gearing up to go home on time today and get my letter writing on!

  • Angela - I love this! I’ve met your sister. She’s great! But, no offense to her, I would choose to hang out in the corner with you (because I like deep conversation with you, not because I like corners as much as you! =) )

  • Phoebe K - I loved her class! I’ve been doodling letters all day since I watched it. I’m such a fan of typography and she made it seem easy. Thanks for the recommendation!


I know how hard it is to find time for online courses that require logging in at a certain time or with limited access. In January, I combined my SnapShop: DSLR and SnapShop:Phone courses into one online photography website with new lessons added monthly. Instead of logging in at a certain time or only having couple weeks to access content, the new site is subscription based. As a subscriber you have access to all the content for as long as you keep your membership. The monthly membership costs less than a fancy latte.

I’m holding a flash sale! This will be the biggest discount for the remainder of the year. The initial registration fee will be 50% off for TODAY only! The registration fee will be discounted to $25 (normally $50).

We are also offering annual memberships designed to be given as gifts available for purchase through the end of the year. Annual memberships will be $100 and only available until Dec. 31st. Today only we are offering $25 off the annual membership.


$25.00 off the $50 registration fee


$25.00 off a $100 annual membership fee

Offers are good today only.

This flash sale will end at 11:59pm CST on November 28, 2016.

Registration includes access to all SnapShop content (used by over 3000 students since 2009), including: 

  • SnapShop DSLR Course (a $200 value)
  • SnapShop Phone Course (a $50 value)
  • Interviews & tips with leading photographers & bloggers
  • Course discussions
  • Additional lessons posted monthly by Ashley Ann and guests!

To register click here and use the code: CYBERMONDAY

Discount code is case sensitive and can be entered at checkout.  Subscriptions will renew for $5.00 monthly to maintain access to existing content and new lessons!  

To see a listing of all the lessons and courses included and a FAQ page answering common questions visit the SnapShop website.

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  • Bree - Thaaaaanks for the great deal – can’t wait to learn from a pro!!! I saw that Elsie from a Beautiful Mess is adopting and that she followed your blog during your adoption process. You and your family are so inspiring!!!