Over the last 9 weeks, I’ve worked alongside Ganlu capturing daily life for the kids at New Day. I don’t spend time holding, snuggling or playing – the nannies they love do all that. However, I have gotten to watch first hand as these kids tackle therapy lessons, learn music, overcome physical challenges and all together thrive. There are thousands of pictures on my camera roll – all given to New Day. The photos will go into folders alongside Ganlu’s for each of the kids when they are adopted. Our prayer is they are all adopted!

Here are just a handful of images to show life at New Day…

6.17NewDayPlay-16.17NewDayPlay-26.17NewDayPlay-36.17NewDayPlay-46.17NewDayPlay-66.17NewDayPlay-76.17NewDayPlay-86.17NewDayPlay-106.17NewDayPlay-116.17NewDayPlay-126.17NewDayPlay-146.17NewDayPlay-156.17NewDayPlay-166.17NewDayPlay-186.17NewDayPlay-196.17NewDayPlay-21I’m going to miss this place. I’ll miss watching the love between the nannies and the children. I’ll miss listening to the giggles of the kids and watching the staff comfort them when they cry.

I’ve been a silent observer often standing atΒ a distance capturing a small slice of childhood for children waiting for their forever families. It has been a profound honor and I hope one day their future fathers and mothers will look at photos I snapped and get a glimpse of who their son or daughter was during a season they were a world away.


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  • Beth Ann - What a beautiful gift that you are giving to these children, their forever families and the nannies – this just squeezed and warmed my heart.

  • Jenn - oh my goodness….that little girl with the ponytail on top her head. love….truthfully love all of the pictures

  • JuliAnne - I’m am so thankful for you sharing these kids and New Day. I was able to sponsor a child and you have one of their photos above! It just made my day! I hope these precious miracles find forever homes soon.<3


Very rarely do we get around Oklahoma by anything other than our car and our bikes. Not once have I ridden public transportation in Tulsa – our public transportation system barely exists. Walking – we do that for fun, not for function. We’ve been taking full advantage of the public transportation (buses and the subway) in China, especially Beijing. Granted, it takes much longer to get to our destination, but it is our only option. We try to keep our travel budget as low as possible. This means choosing walking, buses, bikes and the subway over hailing a taxi.

I don’t mind. I feel like we get to see more of the city and we certainly get more time for conversations. The only drawback is at times we wish we could go a bit faster (Corbett would prefer to go at his own speed…on his own!)

6.17Transportation-16.17Transportation-26.17Transportation-3She typically performs a musical number on her subway rides…6.17Transportation-46.17Transportation-66.17Transportation-8If the back row of the bus is open, that is where you will find me. Less people notice me back there and I get to quietly look out the window and take things in. Chris, however, prefers to stand in the middle of the bus and talk to as many people as possible. He uses the audio option of Google Translator a lot – take turns speaking into the phone and Google translates what you say. Technology is baffling!6.17Transportation-9

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  • JuliAnne - I love this so much. I’m glad to see y’all are having a good time! I’m trying to keep my jealousy down hearing about all y’alls awesome adventures. haha Much love from Northwest AR.

In our first 19 days here, we walked 104 miles. We passed the 200 mark this week! With all that walking comes tired bodies. Sometimes those tired bodies crash in their beds. Other times sleep hits the moment they sit down on a bus, in car,Β at a table and even when eating ice cream.

I’m the only one who is unable to sleep in random public locations…so jealous of the rest of them.


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIt is safe to say when it comes to travel they’ve got the hang of being adaptable! Now, if I only I could pick up their sleeping skills!

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  • Heather - So jealous! I am also unable to sleep in random places. It’s a gift for sure.

  • Beth - I love the picture of your husband! He looks gigantic in that seat!

  • Debbie C - That photo of Chris made me laugh…my hubby would do the same thing. He can sleep anywhere. I am more like you!

  • Cathy S. - I have the same issue of not being able to sleep in public places, don’t like people watching me sleep.

  • Byron - Like you, I cannot sleep (easily) when I travel. The 8+ hour plane trip to Russia was a nightmare of exhaustion. I am told that I did fall asleep at one point though. Exhaustion does that, I guess.

    So your problem is that you are in too good a shape; your body can handle it. LoL! We miss you in CF! God bless your travels. St. Nickolas watch over your family!

  • Tiffany - I admire all! of your adaptability– it’s such a great gift you’ve given your kids. πŸ™‚

  • Helen - I know it wasn’t the point of post… but the little one’s hair in the first photo!!! Wow!!! Gorgeous!