Part of refreshing things around here has been making updates on old posts and transferring DIY posts (and others) to pinterest. On a weekly basis, I get visitors from Pinterest wondering about a couple decoupage pots I made years ago. (original post here).

Since I receive so many questions regarding more specifics on how I made the pots, I thought it was time for an update. The original idea is from Christine Chitnis in 2010. Her post includes a step by step description. I’m including more step-by-step pictures for those of you that are a bit more visual. Be sure to check out Christine’s post!


  • Terra cotta pot – mine was from Hobby Lobby, 50% off
  • Decoupage – also available at Hobby Lobby
  • Fabric – mine was actually part of my eldest daughter’s crib sheet, circa 2009
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

6.12decoupagepot-02Step 1: Wrap the pot in fabric and cut it with a bit overlapping – a couple extra inches on the top and bottom6.12decoupagepot-03Step 2: cover the pot in decoupage, wrap the fabric around6.12decoupagepot-05Step 3: trim the overlapping side where you can fold it over just a bit6.12decoupagepot-07Step 4: using more decoupage, fold and press down the overlapping section6.12decoupagepot-09Step 5: Trim the bottom and glue it down with decoupage. Make sure you only cover a little bit of the bottom. You want the plant to still be able to drain.6.12decoupagepot-11Step 6: Cover the fabric with decoupage. You want to evenly SOAK all the fabric. I brushed the decoupage on, but then I smoothed the fabric with my hand. Using my hand allows me to press out any air bubbles and really coat the fabric. If the fabric is not coated evenly, you will get air bubbles and it will dry unevenly.6.12decoupagepot-13Step 7: After the bottom and sides dry, trim and glue down the top. I don’t want too much fabric on the inside of the pot, but I also want enough that the bottom of the fabric is just barely covered by dirt.6.12decoupagepot-156.12decoupagepot-17I recommend keeping these pots inside. The decoupage is not waterproof. However, I did use my last set outside and they lasted for several years. Eventually, they faded and just got too dirty. If you decide to use them outside, just know they won’t last as long.6.12decoupagepot-18


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  • Katherine Bach - Love it! I may have to try a few of these soon!

  • Lindsey p - You know you’re the mom of older kids when…you are willing to coat your hands in decoupage while one of them (presumably) takes your picture. Literally the first thought i had was that i wouldn’t be able to do this craft without another adult. Ha!

Every birthday.

Every party.

Every special event that she sees a bag of balloons, she tries to blow one up herself. It has been a couple of years of attempting. Blowing up a balloon is hard for any four year old. For a four year old that was born with a cleft lip and palate, well, it is a huge feat. For most cleft kiddos, building up air pressure in their mouth is extremely hard. She’s a tiny little thing, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in pure grit.

Her 5th birthday is this week and it looks like I now have some more help in blowing up the party balloons!

6.12balloon-016.12balloon-026.12balloon-036.12balloon-046.12balloon-056.12balloon-066.12balloon-07It is hard to find any words after that last picture. It basically says it all. We are celebrating here….another huge accomplishment and another birthday!

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  • Bea - Beautiful, determined girl – what a magical moment and so well captured in all the shots, but especially the last. One to write on your heart!

  • Annemieke - Oh my gosh, the joy and determination that just beams from these pictures. The grit, yes, this Little One is going places. Love love love it. Thank you for sharing her with us Ashley, she is a treasure.

  • Pappy - Way to go Dudette #5, I’m proud of you

  • Susan - Happy birthday to your sweet girl! May all her balloons be filled and her wishes come true as she begins a new year of new things.
    Praying God’s blessings for your entire family!

  • Cathy S. - So awesome!

  • Laura Y - Happy Birthday Little One!!!! She looks so proud. Brought tears to my eyes. What an accomplishment!

  • Marsha - That sparkle in her eyes, that smile, and that crinkled grin… Priceless!

  • Kirsten - Hooooraaaaay!! So proud of her. LOVE that last picture! Happy Birthday, Little One!

  • Kristin S - No way!!! Go Little One!!!

  • Debi - So sweet! My little guy has/had a cleft lip and palate too and each little milestone is so great! Congratulations on her accomplishment and her birthday!!! :)

  • Jill - Yay Little One!!

  • Byron - Well done! God bless!

  • Ashley - Love that tenacity!???

  • Ashley - Whoops, those question marks are supposed to be balloon icons. No questions, only celebration!

  • Emily - Woohoo! That’s so excellent! Happy Birthday πŸ˜€

  • Maureen - Yay!!!!! Way to go Little One!!! Best.. pictures…ever!!!

  • Lisa - This post brought tears to my eyes! What accomplishment she must feel. I remember the joy on my son’s face when he was able to finally drink from a straw after his last surgery. He has another surgery Friday. Hopeful this one will give us another leap forward! Thanks for sharing. She is beautiful.

  • Lara - So beautiful!!! Everything about it. ??????

  • Lara - Those question marks were supposed to be hearts. :)

  • Lee H - That’s awesome. She’s a beauty

  • Mia White - This is terrific, and we get how huge an accomplishment– our son (four next month, also adopted from China w/CLCP) just mastered the straw! Way to go!

  • Adriana - You know… I have been reading your blog since always and never comment, but this!!! This is something to be celebrated! Please, give this little girl a huge hug (I know you probably do it several times a day, but hugs are never enough) and congratulate her for working hard and never giving up! These photos brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful kids with us. :)

  • Libbe - Amazing!! I cannot imagine getting to this point with our little guy!

  • AshleyAnn - Thank you for celebrating with us Adriana!

  • Southern Gal - Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! How is she 5 already??

  • Carrie Hageman - Yeah! Something to be celebrated! Happy Birthday to her!

I had great plans to make some much needed updates to this blog last week…but life happened! It would probably be wise to shut down this blog and do all the updates at once, but I’m afraid that could only happen if I had someone helping me. Since it is just me…I’ll just keep trying to slowly get things freshened up around here.

Our living room/kitchen floors are finished and we started putting up new trim and baseboards. Kind of like updating this blog, we’ll just be going slowly room by room to get that big project done. I’ll post more details and pictures about our floors later this week.

I’m trying to pick a front door paint color….so many colors, so little door space.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And for other random news from last week….my blackberry bush exploded and Aldi’s had funnel cake mix. I probably should have planned ahead and combined the two, but the blackberries were calling my name. I got my sister a funnel cake mix too because no one loves fair food like she does.

Running errands with my girls takes 1 million times longer than it does by myself or with my boys. “Mom, look at this. Take a pictures of this. Isn’t this beautiful. I NEED one of these. This is SO ME.” My 6 year old told me she wants to have a birthday party inside Hobby Lobby. I told her I do too.

Their personalities sure come out in their poses!

6.12hobbylobbyMy kids are doing “Great Grandparent Camp” this summer. At least that is what I am calling it. My grandpa is teaching the boys (and me) woodworking, while Grandma is teaching the girls to quilt. Whether it is helping me pick paint colors or taking pictures for a blog post, my eldest daughter is always close by my side – mimicking and learning.

6.12lifeskillsOh glorious post-swim naps!

6.12sleepWe hit the road to visit a local lake with friends, where Chris willingly let his friend toss him to the delight of our kids. My mother-in-law saved a few magazines for me…one featured Carlton Landing. I flipped the page and was like, “Hey, I’ve been in that kitchen!!” It was beautiful in the magazine, but even better in person. In somewhat related news, I got my first Yeti tumbler. I show Chris every night how my ice from the morning is STILL NOT MELTED. Really, my mind is blown by the thing. It has a plastic lid…how does it keep ice all day in Oklahoma heat? Mind blown.

6.12adventureroadI didn’t get blog updates accomplished last week, but I did add a new SnapShop lesson:


It is a simple case study on how I capture reoccurring everyday family events. I often opt to take a chunk of time to really tell the story once instead of pulling my camera out every day to capture the same thing. This keeps me from bouncing between being present and my camera. The lesson walks through my approach and camera settings.

If you are a SnapShop student, I will soon start sending monthly emails to let you know what lessons have been added. I also keep my @SnapShopWorkshop Instagram account updated with new lessons.

6.12snapshopIGFor those interested in learning more about photography at your own pace, you can find a registration discount code on at @amandarydell (look for the ice cream picture on her Instagram account). Amanda is a featured interview on the SnapShop site. In the interview, she shares her tips and tricks for creating stylized images. Her photos are among my very favorite and I am honored she is a part of SnapShop.

6.12amandarydellWell, that is about all for today’s random blog dump. Last week I started updating the sidebar (still more to do). This week I am hoping to get some new images on the header slideshow. I kind of wish I could just make the header a slideshow of my current instagram pictures. If anyone knows how to do that (I use a ProPhoto WordPress template), I would willingly take your help!

Happy Monday!





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  • Jenn - great post
    love it all
    i got my first yeti for mothers day. it is pretty amazing. pretty mind blowing. love your decal on yours. mine is still plain.

  • Becky - I got my husband a yeti for Father’s Day, and it is totally legit! I kinda want to get one for everyone I know now (and one for me :))!

  • Kimberly Oyler - i have a 40oz hydro flask that i took to the beach in hawaii all the time. we would all be sooo amazed leaving the beach a few hours later with a water bottle still completely full of ice. those things are crazy!