DSLR course

The course is designed for the beginner photographer, not for those that are advanced or have a good understanding of using a dslr on the Manual setting. It is for those that the words “aperture”, “shutter speed” and “ISO” sound like a foreign language, but one they would like to learn to speak. It is for those that are captivated by photographs that tell a story and dream of capturing the beauty of their own everyday life.¬† In this course, you will find original content that I have developed over the last five years. I would love to help you go from knowing how to just take a picture to beautifully capturing the moments of your life.

I am actively involved answering your questions throughout the duration of the course. I LOVE coming alongside others as they discover the joy of photography!

What you need to participate:

a dslr camera and access to the internet…that is it

an internet connection – the course is online, so you will need to be able to access the internet to access the content

What we will cover:
General rules for composition
My personal tips for telling a story with your photographs
How to capture moments, not poses
Lighting: how to work with the lighting you have available
The basics of shooting in Manual: ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture
My personal photography style
The process I take for capturing an image & what happens next

Extra things included:

  • 62-page Course Notes pdf for you to download and/or print. The pdf is notes, not the entire course. You will need to be able to access the internet to access the entire course.
  • The option to share your photos and get feedback from myself and other students
  • Links to help you grow as a photographer
  • Ideas for photo related projects
  • Access to ask me any questions related to course content throughout the duration of the course

Course cost:

$200.00, due to the digital nature of the course, registration is non-refundable.

What is the style of the class?
The course is online in a private ‘classroom’. You will have access to the course for 4 weeks. The course is designed with 3 main sections and several lessons under each section. It is not a video course, instead you log in to read the material and ask me questions at your own pace. It is designed to allow you ample time to get through the content and practice. Some students spend a little time each day, while others spend chunks of time on the weekends. The course includes numerous photo examples of everyday life for each section. Each section includes a Q&A area for you to ask more questions about that particular topic and receive an answer from me. You will be encouraged to share your photos on a private group page throughout the course for discussion with other students.

What this class is not:
This is not a class for professional photographers or those wanting tips on creating a photography business. We will touch on post processing, but will not go in-depth.

What have others said about the course?

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When is the next course:

September 2015 marked the beginning of the final SnapShop course. I will no longer be teaching this course in its present form. However, I am working on something  new and exciting for the content. If you would like to be receive an email with more information when it is available, please send me a note via the Get In Touch button on the right of the page.