SnapShops: Learn to capture your days bio picture
  • When I pick up my camera, whether it is my phone or my dslr, life seems to slow down. As I look through the lens, I see the stories that make up my days. From the way my son dives off a diving board to how my daughter twirls in her favorite dress, photography teaches me to notice the beauty in daily life. In both the ordinary moments and the extraordinary ones, there are stories told I don't want to miss or forget. SnapShop Workshops began in 2008 out of a desire to help others capture their everydays in beautiful ways.

    Currently, I offer two online workshops. Both courses are introductions to photography. One focuses learning to shoot on Manual with a dslr and the other focuses on phone photography. Each class is built around my approach to capturing my days. You won't find lots of posed images or spectacular scenery. These courses are created with the very beginner in mind, the mom that wants to capture fleeting moments, the dad that wants to get off Auto, the grandma wanting to learn the basics. You also won't find a lot of technical jargon, just me sharing how I approach photography in a conversational way.

    You can find out more details on each course, by clicking on the tabs above in the menu bar. I am honored you took the time to visit this site and I would be thrilled to join you as you seek to expand your knowledge of photography.